with David Cammegh
and Bali Maan

Wednesday October 14th 2015 at 7.30 pm

Gold Hill Museum
Gold Hill,
Dorset SP7 8JW
For directions please visit:
Admission Free (donations welcome)

The True Pecking Order

There's no doubt about it, more or less everyone in our town, our country and our nation, is experiencing heavy but completely unnecessary problems. For example, very little real work, high taxes with no return, government at all levels acting as masters and not the servants they are meant to be, unwanted 'sustainable development' forced upon us in our villages and towns, debased education, corrupt legal system, dismantled armed forces, increasingly centralised police, very little future for our children, votes that make no difference... and much more.

It's time we started to put things right - lawfully!

Find out how...