God Makes His Move by David Cammegh
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Using a unique but pure approach to the language of astrology, along with a ground-breaking and accurate new translation of the Bible, David Cammegh cuts to the chase. We all know about the increasing oppression and problems across the world, and here’s the key to putting a stop to it, all in one powerful book.  But it’s not going to be all our doing, as you can expect Divine intervention…coming soon.

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Find out how and why the 23rd March 2023 is such an important date in the context of everything from history, to Common Law, to astrology, to the geo-political situation to the true Israel and the true Israelites.

“…life changing…”
“…an extraordinary piece of work…”
“…true astrology, spoken truly and applied properly…”
“…check mate to Richard Dawkins…”